Thursday, April 7, 2011

How an On-Site Analyzer machine provides an integrated solution

DO you want to know if your vehicle oil is adulterated or contaminated? Or that is maintained clean and free of contaminant materials? Here is the solution. You can be assured of by use of a newly introduced computer related machine referred to as “On-Site Analyzer (OSA3)” MicroLab type. The machine does not only tests vehicle’s oil, this is also a tool for evaluating the condition of engines, transmissions, gearboxes, generator and hydraulics. The analyzer tests for wear debris as well as the physical properties of the oil itself. Sometimes is referred to as “The blood test machine” for one’s equipment, it tells a customer important facts about the condition of the lubricating oil sample, which if found to be bad may be drained, or if is seen to be in good condition, may be continued to be used. It also tells the condition of the engine, transmission, generator and gear box. It works like that one which diagnoses human health and monitored by the analysis of blood, and the results are interpreted by applying the knowledge of the body’s chemistry. By comparing tests to normal conditions, the OSA3 analyzer can recommend if any maintenance or repair actions are necessary. The machine is tandem spectrometer that integrates an Optical Emissions Spectrometer (OES) and measures the concentrations of sub-microscopic metal in solution. These metals are present due to component wear, normal and abnormal, inside the engine or transmission. The infrared module scans a portion of the used oil sample to measure the physical properties of the oil and look for contaminants.

A technician looks at the results analyzed out by a computer generated On-Site Analyzer machine (MicroLab type) which is used for analyzing used vehicle oils. The-State-of-the-art machine has been installed at STARPECO offices at Kipawa Industrial area. The machine detects oil contaminants within a shortest time of between 6 and 10minutes.
An on board computer controls both spectrometer and tabulates the results gathered from each information about the oil and the vehicle provided by the operator, along with the test results, are evaluated by the analyzer’s software. The software generates a report that includes the test results and an evaluation of the condition of the engine or transmission being tested. The diagnostic statement may also recommend maintenance for specific engine or transmission component. The computer, utilizing a Microsoft Windows XP operating system and custom software forms the heart of the system by controlling the flow of fluids around the unit, by controlling and acquiring data from the two. Used oil analysis has been performed for decades within the traditional laboratory environment. However, the same type of information can now be provided within 6-10 minutes by use of OSA3. Just with the push of a button, a thorough analysis is instantly performed on the used oil sample. Furthermore, the system transforms the specialized analytical data into a meaningful diagnosis, without the need for an expert technician. This incorporates the latest technological advancements in the oil analysis industry. This new technology has been introduced here in Tanzania by a locally registered firm by the name of STARPECO Limited. The company deals in lubricants and bitumen and is highly committed to provide quality service to a wide range of customers. The firm is experienced in petroleum and various industrial cleaners and chemicals. Starpeco Lubricants, are the company’s own blended brand which are conventional lubricants used in automotive, industrial, railway and marine industries under STARPECO brand. STARPECO has introduced new technological products/services in Tanzania and East Africa market. Apart from the ‘On-Site Oil analyzer’ the firm has introduced the prefabricated low cost housing from BETCO, USA and the water based bitumen binder (Emulsion). The company’s offices are located on plot No: 107 & 108, at Kipawa Industrial area, Nyerere Road slightly opposite Diamond Motors in Dar es Salaam. The firm shares the same compound with the Fine Woodworks Ltd workshop.

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