Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Because of being a bed-ridden for a long time, my father was attacked by a disease which medical experts termed it a cardiac disease which had affected his heart. It had developed some internal diseases in his body that became incurable. These were discovered later by a group of doctors of one of the famous Shirati mission hospitals in the district when my father was taken few days before he died. The doctors carried a diagnosis and found that he suffered from a blood pressure which later led to his death in the morning of 3rd September 2009. My father has left 5 wives, two of whom are not official and 22 children who are still alive, and other 6 have died. He has also left behind a total of 49 grand children and 9 great grand children. I am the fourth child in a series and the elder son among 8 remaining. The rest are ladies. May the lord God rest his soul in internal peace. AMEN.

People carrying a coffin bearing the body of my father to the grave

When my father’s body had been laid to rest in a grave, my mother was the first to lay a wreath over it and I followed.

I also put a wreath as directed

The village chairman, Mr. Ochola standing in front of my father’s fresh grave giving a speech congratulating the people for their cooperation and assistances they had contributed in one way or another that made the funeral successful.

Mzee Ghati Soyega is a retired police officer, he is now a church elder at a parish where my mother prays. He was given an opportunity to congratulate his fellow church members for close cooperation they had shown during the funeral. While he was addressing a congregation, my mother was seated right in front of the grave he is seen in discussion with my little daughter, this was immediately when the burial services had ended.

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