Monday, October 9, 2017

RAHCO promises more jobs for Tanzania youths

As people whose structures were demolished to pave the construction of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) along the central railway line are still painful about the matter, the construction of the standard gauge has directly employed 800 people. More jobs are unfolding as the project proceeds. Reli Assets Holding Company (RAHCO) acting Managing Director Masanja Kadogosa has said. “More jobs will be created as the project continues... as for now, we have already employed 808 people,” he said, advising job seekers at the project to remain patient as more job opportunities open up. Mr Kadogosa made surprise visits to SGR construction sites to check the work progress. He assured that the project would require more workers with different skills to perform various tasks, citing civil works, which constitute 60 per cent of the entire project, electrification and signal engineering. “Currently, the major works are civil, including designing, building culverts and bridges,” he said, adding that all the stages require people of different skills. Upon completion, the mega project will have created over 600,000 jobs. Mr Kadogosa visited the sites as per directives by Works, Transport and Communication Minister Professor Makame Mbarawa to RAHCO to ensure the SGR project is executed at much faster pace. “The minister visited the construction sites last month and among other directives, demanded speedy construction of the project,” he said. Following the directives, the project contractors are now working 24 hours. Mr Kadogosa said that the contractor had opened more working sites, with more sites still coming up to speed up the work. He directed the project contractor to take stern disciplinary measures, including dismissal, against irresponsible and dishonesty workers. The company has also expressed its readiness to complete the country’s pioneering second phase SGR stretch from Morogoro to Makutupora in Dodoma on time. Speaking in Dar es Salaam recently, the company’s Vice- President, Mr Erdem Arioglu, said construction of the 400-kilometre stretch will revolutionise Tanzania’s transport sector. The third phase project will start from Makutupora to Tabora, with the fourth phase covering the Tabora-Mwanza stretch. Professor Mbarawa was recently quoted as saying completion of all four phases will among others reduce freight charges and stimulate economic growth. “Transporters will have the choice to either use the railway or road transport,” he said, noting that the government is committed to create conducive ground for doing business.

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