Monday, October 9, 2017

Call for ICT use in order to leverage economic output

As the world is changing fast in terms of advanced technology, innovators and activists have urged youths to make use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) application to get more opportunities that would help them develop and get employed instead of using it for things that wont benefit them. Speaking in an event prepared by Youth United Nations Associations (YUNA) at the United Nations office located at Masaki suburb in Dar es Salaam city, the chairperson of YUNA Chapters, Ninabina David said that ICT itself is an opportunity as it helps not only in providing information and communication but it can also be a great source of employment. She said that the event is created so as to empower the youth on technology by engaging them with different people who are already associated in the field such as Shule Direct, Soma App and Nyama Choma Festival individuals. Nevertheless, the General Manager of SimbaNet which was also the main sponsor of the event, Parag Patil said that "It is interesting to connect with the youth as they are the think tank of the country. We try hard to promote these activities as they are crucial for the development of Tanzania and the youth especially in technology" Maxence Melo who is also the owner of Jamii Forums told Daily News that the youth should not be shut down especially in innovation. The laws that will be introduced for ICT should allow enough innovation so that the country can be able to compete with the international market. He added that " Most of the youth think that success happens overnight. I have tried several times and failed. In 2002, i started to try out on various markets like blogs, apps and websites but they all failed, it was until 2012 when I first earned revenue from Jamii Forums. In order to succeed you should be persistent

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