Monday, August 14, 2017

Govt assures payments of its servants

Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa has assured public servants in the county that the government will pay all verified arrears, stressing hard work and diligence at the workplace. Premier Majaliwa said President John Magufuli had stopped the payments due to a nationwide purge that uncovered 19,700 ghost workers. “President John Magufuli has stopped all payments due to an existence of ghost workers … that work is being done to ensure that legal workers receive their legal pay … so we want you to work diligently in serving the public,” he stressed. The prime minister made the remarks yesterday when addressing civil servants at Uyui District council at Goweko Ward in Tabora region. While in Sikonge, Urambo, Kaliua and Uyui districts, the PM received reports from Members of Parliament in those areas that there were some civil servants who were transferred from the municipality to neighbouring districts but had not been paid their money for more than five years. At different occasions, Mr Majaliwa told the civil servants in the districts that the government had established an electronic salary payment system that would deal away with problems of arrears and other allowances. Premier Majaliwa who has established a system of meeting with civil servants during his official tours in the country, said, “… We are currently trying to control generating new debts of civil servants. There are no treatment, leave or education debts at the moment.” He added: “Every civil servant is allowed to develop themselves through education but they must write a letter to the district council director of the intention and if allowed then they can start to send their application to colleges. But if the civil servants applies directly to the college then present their request, they will not receive anything.” Expounding on the payroll system called ‘Lawson’ Premier Majaliwa said the system is linked to the public service sector, central government and local government. The system will be able to send timely reports of public servants right from when they are employed to when they need to be promoted or retire. Mr Majaliwa added that the government has done away with the procedure of a civil servant writing a letter acknowledging a promotion before they can start receiving the new remuneration. “This has also removed some issues such as delays in salary changes, differences in salaries in the different levels. I have worked in the public sector for a long time, I have never seen an officer refusing a promotion,” he explained. He added: “The main point is for officers to send reports of those to be promoted early before 10th of every month so they can be entered into the electronic system and them letters to inform them of the promotion.” The premier reminded the civil servants to their responsibility in serving the public without discrimination. “The government’s goal is to improve on civil service but the government will take to task any civil servant who is dishonesty. When we catch you, we will not form a commission because they also finish money, with enough evidence we will deal with you immediately,” he stressed.

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