Monday, August 14, 2017

CMC embarks on pivot irrigation schemes

CHAMWINO municipal council in conjunction with the Water for Food Global Institute at University of Nebraska has embarked on a Centre Pivot Irrigation scheme for vegetables and fruits farming on a 140-acre farm in Mvumi-Makulu Village in Chamwino. Chamwino District Executive Director (DED) Athumani Masasi made the revelation here during the council meeting over the weekend, saying Chamwino was set to become a major vegetable growing district in Dodoma, thanks to the new method of crop irrigation also called waterwheel irrigation. “A total of 280 households in Mvumi-Makulu Village will benefit from the scheme in the first phase of the project,” said the DED. He pointed out that materials for the project infrastructure were already in the village and experts from the University of Nebraska will soon install them on the farm. “

Farmers who will benefit from the project have formed a cooperative union to facilitate their activities in the scheme,” said the DED. Mr Masasi noted that farm clearing for the project was still underway as water wells drilling for the irrigation started and a team of experts from the Chamwino district authorities are working on a draft for agreement to be signed with the University of Nebraska on the project. “Villagers will rent the farm at affordable cost and the revenues collected from the scheme will be used to expand the project to benefit more people in the village in the project’s second phase,” he said. Mr Masasi said the project will enhance food security and income of Chamwino residents, adding that the project will increase revenue collection in the district. In another development, the Chamwino DED, said construction of council building was continuing after tender board gave green light for completion of administration block in the building in Phase IV of the project. “After completion of the construction, the building will accommodate all departments and units which are under the district council and its construction will be finalised within two months,” said Mr Masasi.

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