Monday, July 24, 2017

Magufuli applauds Kafulila over IPTL deal

In a bide to strengthen support the fight over graft in the country, President  John Magufuli himself has appreciated former Kigoma South legislator David Kafulila’s firmness on the infamous Tegeta Escrow scandal, saying Kafulila demonstrated the highest level of patriotism. This is a phenomenon outlook ever since President Magufuli became head of state. President  Dr. Magufuli uttered his emotions on Saturday last week when  addressing the residents of Nguruka ward during the launch of a mega water project in Uvinza district. He said he would have left the area with guilty consciousness had he not congratulated the youthful politician. He said although Mr Kafulila belonged to an opposition party, on the Escrow saga he stood firm and put the national interests forward. The president accused the Independent Power Tanzania Limited (IPTL) of occasioning substantial loss to the government. “At some point, Mr Kafulila was dragged to court and was admonished, calling him a monkey but, he remained bold for the interest of the nation,” he said amid cheers from members of the public. 

Former Kigoma South legislator David Kafulila (On NCCR-Mageuzi ticket before he joined Chadema party) showing a valid document to fellow legislators in Parliament as proof that substantiated what he had revealed as illegal transaction entered by some government officials during a debate session that discussed the Tegeta Escrow scandal in 2014.

The president said people who mocked and likened the former MP to the monkey for unearthing the IPTL scam are now the real monkeys. While in Parliament in 2014, former Attorney General (AG) Judge Frederick Werema crushed with Kafulila, branding him monkey as the legislator described the former AG to have involved directly with financial loss of Escrow money. Regarding the IPTL saga, Dr Magufuli said he would in his entire life salute the former Kigoma South MP on NCCR Mageuzi ticket as a hero who dedicated his energy for the nation. The president implored all Tanzanians to remain united on issues of national interest, charging that previously, many elected leaders thought of their personal gains at the expense of the nation. The Tegeta Escrow scandal has seen two business tycoons, James Rugemalira and Harbinder Seth Sigh arraigned before the Kisutu Resident Magistrate’s Court, charged with several counts, including economic sabotage and occasioning over 22 million US dollars and 309bn/- loss to the government. The parliamentary session in November 2014 endorsed eight resolutions, one of them being the investigations and arrest of all people who were involved in the Tegeta Escrow scandal. The decrees followed a report by a special committee of the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) under the now Kigoma Urban MP, Zitto Kabwe, to probe the dubious deal.

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