Monday, July 24, 2017

Direct students’ admission in higher learning institutions starts

Tanzania universities are  ready to admit students who pursue higher learning studies in all universities accredited in the country. This is after the government had recently diverted its system it used before and it has now empowered higher learning institutions with full authority to do so just as it had been doing before.  The government’s call was made public by President Dr. John Magufuli. Before the new changes came into being, the task was entirely left for Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) who had the mandatory of admitting students to pursue higher learning studies. MAJOR universities in the country said last week that., they were fully equipped to expertly handle direct applications from students. University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) Vice- Chancellor Professor Rwekaza Mukandala said the institution has already installed computerized system to handle the applications. “We have also agreed with the National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA) to team up in verifying the authenticities of the academic certificates attached in the applications,” Prof Mukandala said, hinting that effective today the university’s programmes will be unveiled on the website. He was optimistic that the country’s oldest university will get enough qualified applicants to fill all available slots for each programme. Previously, aspirants for higher learning institutions applied through the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU), which dictated for students and which universities to study. But, TCU, in its statement last May, announced the procedural change in admissions to undergraduate programmes, effective this 2017/18 academic year. Under the new arrangements, higher learning institutions will directly handle the applications and selections of students for their respective programmes, with July 22 to August 13 set as the application timeframe. The change follows President John Magufuli’s directive to TCU to shift from dealing with applications into regulatory tasks, allowing students to correctly make choices pertaining to their educational pursuit to suit personal dreams.

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