Monday, May 9, 2016

Magufuli asks for more prayers

PRESIDENT John Magufuli has called on Tanzanians to bear with him as he applies tough and stringent measures against some unscrupulous leaders and civil servants because the situation calls for it is only due to poor leadership and mismanagement that the majority of Tanzanians suffer in misery and poverty while a few public servants amass all wealth. I had vowed that throughout my tenure as president, I will side with the poor,” stressed President Magufuli. The president made the remarks on Sunday over the weekend after being invited to address the congregation after the first mass at the ‘Tokeo la Bwana’ Catholic Parish in Burka, Arusha City. He reminded Arusha residents and other Tanzanians that it was a shame that people in the country, which is endowed with all natural resources, minerals and million hectares of fertile and arable land should continue to reel in poverty. “Take tanzanite, for instance; these minerals are only found in Tanzania -- precisely in Arusha. 

President John Magufuli addressing the congregation after the first mass at the ‘Tokeo la Bwana’ Catholic Parish in Burka, Arusha City over the weekend after being invited.

That is how rare they are. But still we have failed to make use of this endowment to lift up the country’s economy and our people’s earnings. And all this is due to few selfish individuals,” he observed. Dr Magufuli noted further that the country is so rich in natural resources, such as wild animals, that can generate a lot of foreign money, but yet some people have been illegally smuggling the rare species out of the country. “And as if this is not enough, the same people entrusted to safeguard these national treasurers use their ill-gotten wealth to oppress Tanzanians. There is no way we can condone such acts,” he stated amidst much applause. Arusha is the country’s tanzanite gemstones trade centre as well as wildlife hotspot. However, minerals smuggling and wildlife trafficking have been notorious in the area. “When I deal with people harshly it is not because I’m a cruel person. It is the other way round. I am removing these public servants from public offices because they had been cruel to the people who entrusted me with the country’s top leadership knowing I will rescue them from years of oppression. There is one thing you should be assured of; “I won’t let you down,” he stressed. Earlier, the Parish Chairman, Mr Philemon Mollel, invited the president to become a parishioner at the Burka Church, which the head of state accepted and donated 1m/- to the church choir.

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