Monday, May 9, 2016

Acting Shinyanga RC reacts on graft

SHINYANGA acting Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr John Mongela, has reminded public servants in his region to be fully committed to working and refraining from corruption. Mr Mongela, who is also the RC for Mwanza Region, was speaking to Regional Executive leaders and municipal and district council’s officials from Msalala, Ushetu, Kahama, Kishapu and Shinyanga. He said that he is committed to spearheading coordination of development programmes in the region so as to implement the envisaged vision of the fifth phase government. Mr Mongela said the vision of the fifth phase government is to see to it that everyone works hard and adheres to public servants’ codes of conduct, principles and laws of the nation. “Avoid corruption, thefts and laziness in public offices because such habits have no room in this government. So if you need to be safe, respect instructions and no one will disturb you,” said Mr Mongela. The RC said the issue of ghost workers in the region was caused by weakness, laziness on the part of Public Servants or involvement of some of responsible staff to hide details of phantom workers because they are known and it is easy to identify them.

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