Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sweden to support Tigo’s social entrepreneurs’ initiative

Swedish government has underscored her need for support of social entrepreneur’s initiative currently being undertaken by Tigo Tanzania in collaboration with a Non-profit organization known as Reach for Change through its annual competition program known as ‘Digital Change-Makers’. The Swedish Ambassador accredited in the country Ms. Katarina Rangnitt made a concern at an occasion of handing over of the awards of a total USD 40,000 to two winners of the competition which was held yesterday in Dar es Salaam. Going on its forth year,  Tigo’s Digital Change-Makers competition is aimed at developing and encouraging social entrepreneurs to use digital technology with a view to solve some of Tanzania’s most pressing needs that helps them alleviate abject poverty among poor families in the country. Speaking in an exclusive interview at the occasion, Katarina said that, “her government was impressed by the initiative being undertaken by Tigo, a leading mobile phone company for its innovative ways of helping young entrepreneurs in the country reach their goals”. “We appreciate our sincere gratitude towards what Tigo has innovated  as their ideas has impacted the lives of many Tanzanians”, she said adding that, the support is also in line with bilateral and mutual relations the two countries has maintained for over 50 years now. However, with this support, the envoy meant her government would give only technical advice on a wide range of technological use of digital toolkit through Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) which has been supporting various development projects with a view to alleviate poverty stricken situation among Tanzanian youths, women and children altogether. This year’s Tigo’s  competition which started in September this year attracted about 500 entries with varied technological innovations across a wide range of fields in education, agriculture, ICT use, health and many others aimed to alleviate poverty, according to Tigo Corporate Responsibility Officer, May Thomas. She noted that, a panel of judges shortlisted 15 candidates from which the two best winners have been selected by a panel of jurists. The winners are Neema Shosho and Bihaga Edward. Each winner provided innovative digital solutions aimed at improving the lives of children in Tanzania. Tigo and Reach for Change have run the Digital Change-Makers competition in Tanzania for the past four years since 2012 during which a total of nine social entrepreneurs have won funding to implement their project ideas. According to May, the entrepreneurs have collectively impacted the lives of over 10,000 children over this period.

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