Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Changing lifestyle with digital new media facilities using Kiswahili language

The localization process of various languages has been taking quick pace by help of computer generated software and the internet being a new media facility is used as a changing tool for language translation. Tanzania mobile users have reasons to make a broad smile to have experienced the same technology which has been designed on Techno Y3 smartphones to help them gain a momentum of understanding on complicated menu. Over two weeks ago, Tanzanians witnessed this major technological transformation which has been introduced in the country for the first time in the history of the mobile phone communication sector, whereby Teccno Y3 Smartphone handset with a fully-embedded Kiswahili menu can be accessed for use. This is a newly designed technology on a device which has opened up a local market with intention to make a large population group in the country benefit from this newly development concept. Techno Y3 Smartphone handsets have been introduced to Tanzanian market by Tigo-Tanzania, the leading innovative telecommunication company with a view to ease communication considering the fact that, “the menu as applied in handsets are designed in a local Kiswahili language that is understood by most Tanzanians”. Thanks to the advancements of a mobile phone application that bring about technological expertise as this is an astonishing level of penetration especially in this era of digital technology whereby mobile phones have become an integral part of both young and adult's everyday life. Smartphones which have largely dominated the global mobile phone markets have been changing people’s attitudes in different dimensions. They have made people behave and feel differently, consume information and communicate as well. The introduction of Techno Y3 Smartphone popularly known as ‘Wagiftishe’ is an offer to many Tigo customers in the country to make them enjoy the benefits of the smartphone brand at a cheapest cost. “There is nothing that sets the blood rushing faster than going out shopping and striking a pocket- friendly deal for a pleasant product. Techno smartphones targets such shoppers with an alluring proposition priced at just about Ts. 99,000/-“, the General Manager of Tigo Tanzania Diego Gutierrez was recently quoted by the media as saying. However, he further noted that Techno y3 smartphone brand offers several ways of communication aspects which include calls, text messaging, instant messaging, email, social media, blogs, etc. 

This is in line with company’s commitment to promote digital lifestyle transformation. Such limitless communication is having a revolutionary impact on the way young people interact, socialise, work and play through personal computers and mobile phones. Smartphone users see a significant increase of mobile internet use and with that comes increased concern for cyber security. Other areas of concern they cited, where improvement is needed include, quality, speed and compatibility. Tanzania being part of the world has no way to be exempted from these upcoming technological advancements except are bound to cope with the emerging innovative trend which are coming up now and then. Commenting over the use of smartphones currently on display at various Tigo shops and agents, users at most selling points say that, "Technologies certainly do create cultural phenomenon, whether for good or for ill,". "Young people have seen all these different facilities, adapted them and changed the means of communication." Aisha Mpondole, a University student pursuing Masters Degree programme in Mass Communication at Saint Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT) of Dar es Salaam campus says, "younger people now have a wider range of understanding modern communication technology available”. However, she says that as the world is evolving with technological changes which are taking place now and then, new generation is permanently plugged into a network of digital devices, bringing the world to their fingertips in a way no previous generation has ever experienced.  “The fact that we can get any information anytime we want has quite an impact on our way of living. But the effects of technological advancement are unavoidable”, says Ibrahim Chogola a city based IT engineer. Chogola argues that, with the rapid mobile phone technological advancements which are coming up in different dimensions, an average of one out of four children who have access to the internet in urban centres makes friends online via a computer at home.  “Despite of the expensiveness of these devices, the rural people might suffer but may be left behind the scene as they are not so close to the emerging technologies due to a number of reasons beyond normal control”, he affirms He says, Tanzania society tend to use devices that make people’s lives easier and more convenient. Taking this fact into account the mobile industry has developed into an extent it has caused sales for landline phones to drop.  Tigo Tanzania is the leading innovative telecommunication company in the country, distinguished as a fully-fledged digital lifestyle brand. Offering a diverse product portfolio in voice, SMS, high-speed internet and mobile financial services. The company has pioneered innovations such as Facebook in Kiswahili, TigoPesa App for Android & iOS users, Tigo Music (Deezer) and East Africa’s first cross-border mobile money transfer with currency conversion. Between 2013 and 2014 alone the company launched over 500 new network sites, which translates to over 2000 network sites and plans to double its investment by 2017 in terms of coverage and additional capacity networks for deeper penetration in rural areas. With over 10 million registered subscribers to their network, Tigo has directly and indirectly employed over 300,000 Tanzanians including an extended network of customer service representatives, mobile money merchants, sales agents and distributors.

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