Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Dr Shein vows to work together with Magufuli in defending nation

Zanzibar's CCM presidential candidate, Dr Ali Mohammed Shein has assured people in the isles of more cooperation with the Union presidential candidate, Dr John Magufuli in safeguarding the nation. Dr Shein said he knows many of the challenges in the Union but assured Zanzibaris that he will work hard to ensure that they are sorted out before the end of his second term in office. "I promise to work with Dr Magufuli to strengthen the Union and also to work on its challenges for the betterment of the two sides and the people. Our union has a long history,” he said. According to Dr Shein, the two sides will continue to respect the agreements inked by the fonding presidents, Abeid Amani Karume and Julius K. Nyerere that were aimed at uniting the two sides. He made the assurance at Binti Amran grounds over the weekend when addressing voters at a campaign rally conducted at Mpendae constituency. The presidential candidate said CCM is the only political party that has the capacity to safeguard the Union as it has so far worked on some of the challenges in it. He called upon Zanzibaris to turn out in numbers on Sunday to vote for CCM so as to give the party the power to continue serving them. Apart from the Union matters, Dr shein said that he feels proud to contest for another term while 90 percent of the promises made to Zanzibaris have been accomplished. Dr Shein said that he worked tirelessly to ensure that his government fulfills all the promises made by the citizens as they were told during the 2010 campaigns. According to Dr Shein, the government under the leadership of CCM worked on the projects it promised to the citizens of Zanzibar in a move to uplift their lives and the development of the nation. "I am standing before you looking proud because most of the promises made during the 2010 campaigns have been fulfilled. My government worked hard to accomplish them in time just before I contest for another term in office,” he stressed. He mentioned some of the accomplished projects at the constituency as providing clean and safe water, drilling four bore wells in line with constructing water tanks for easy distribution of water to the citizens. Others are the increased number of schools which are equipped with modern facilities and construction of a new health facility which has experienced medical staff. Dr Shein assured the public that his government will continue to implement all the uncompleted projects if they vote CCM in power again. He said the government will make sure that it quickly completes the construction of roads in Unguja. He urged them to vote for CCM saying it is the only political party in the country that will bring about development and is ready to work on the citizens’ needs. Seconding Dr Shein, CCM deputy secretary general (Zanzibar), Vuai Ali Vuai called on CCM supporters to maintain peace and harmony during voting and the release of the results. According to Vuai, there are reports that the Civic United Front (CUF) is preparing to initiate chaos before and after the voting. “There are already signs of chaos but I would like to take this opportunity to call upon CCM supporters to be calm,” he stressed. He assured them that Dr Shein is the right person who can lead Zanzibar peaceful and bring development. Ealier, First Vice President,Ambassador Seif Ali Idd said that CUF's presidential candidate Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad has no capacity to lead Zanzibar as he has failed five times in the race to State House. Ambassador Idd called Maalim Seif to accept that CCM is a superior party that Zanzibaris believe in its leadership. “You should only vote for Dr Shein and other party's candidates to bring you development. CUF has nothing new to offer to Zanzibaris who are already confident with CCM's leadership,” he said.

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