Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Better life for Zanzibar people, Shein promises

CHAMA Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) presidential candidate for Zanzibar in this year's general election, Dr Ali Mohamed Shein, has insisted that he can turn Zanzibar to a stable democracy with admirable economic growth in the next five years. Zanzibar will be a better place to live for everyone," Dr Shein said while addressing thousands of CCM supporters and residents of Makunduchi Villages, South Unguja. He asked Zanzibaris to allow him to lead them for another five years. He said that the 2015-2020 CCM manifesto has the best development package to move Zanzibar to the right direction economically, socially, and politically. Dr Shein, said seaweed farmers and fishermen should expect to benefit more through better prices and working equipment including about 500 small boats (Vihor) for carrying harvested seaweed from sea to dry land. "In an effort to raise the prices of seaweed, I will discuss with exporters/buyers so that farmers can sell their product at a better price," he said as he commended farmers for hard work in increasing production. He said that farming and fishing still provides more job opportunities for the unemployed youth and graduates from higher learning institutions. Some of the youth like Mr Mussa Hassan, said he was impressed by promises made by Dr Shein, and that the President has proved to be a man of all Zanzibaris.

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