Tuesday, September 2, 2014

PM stresses union among EAC military forces

Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda has said that, East African military forces ought to consolidate union and solidarity among themselves in order to promote codes of brotherhood which has been existing among them. The premier gave a concern on Fridaylast week at  night when closing military games of the East African Community member countries at Amaan Abeid Karume stadium in Zanzibar. Before addressing participants of the games, the PM handed over a cup to the winning soccer team of the Kenya military forces and said that, was delighted how he witnessed a match between Tanzania team and that one of Uganda which was played without chaos. In that match, both team went in draw by scoring 1-1 an aspect which made Tanzania to emerge the second winner in the game against their rival Ugandan team which scored the third position.

East African military forces parading prior to the start of their games. This is in Kigali Rwanda.

 in “Games should not create hatred among us except they should promote our unity and increase solidarity”, he said adding that games provides opportunity for three member countries to build relationships which might lead the member countries have a single unified military force in future. He said, due to the smartness which has been shown by the players, the commanders in-chief of the armed forces should look at the possibility of contesting a match with some other military matches being practiced by the Western African countries or f the Northern African countries to weigh their standards. “Let us go outside our East African community in order to contest with them as I have seen that you are able to do so’, he said . In the game which started ion 19th August 2014, Kenya air force team emerged the winner in football, while Tanzania emerged in netball, and Uganda in basket ball. Kenya also won in handball and in marathon race Tanzania won for men side while Kenya won for women side. The games which have been taking place in eight years consecutively in member states, next year has been arranged to be held in Uganda.

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