Monday, September 15, 2014

Combat corruption through transparency, CEOs told

Lack of transparency and accountability coupled by poor strategies among the executives has been cited to be the major cause of corruption which continues to compromise the integrity of leadership in both public and private sector developments in the country. The plea was made on Friday last week in Dar es Salaam by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the President’s Delivery Bureau (PDB) Omari Issa at a dinner meeting organized by CEO Roundtable for which he was the main speaker. Issa whose bureau prepares national statistics detailed for the Big Results Now (BRN) told fellow CEOs of various organizations who gathered for a normal monthly meeting to discuss a topic on ‘ethical leadership and combating corruption through transparency and accountability’. He said corruption is continually impending economic growth and development in the country and at the same time has been lowering the confidence of investors who wish to come and invest in the country. He directed fellow top leaders to work in collaboration so as to form a joint concerted effort for the eradication of the vice with transparency in order to ensure accountability for more output. However, he noted that, corruption is being practiced because people are not serious with the determination to end the vice and this is primarily due to poor governance, a factor that few untrustworthy leaders continue to practice. According to him, the government has put much seriousness over the matter in such a way that, it has introduced seminars and has taken various recommendations to work on the matter with national organs such as the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) and the  Police force.

CEO Roundtable Chairman for Tanzania, Ali Mufuruki presenting an award of appreciation to the former Director of Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) .r. Emmanuel Ole Naiko to honour his contribution.
On his part, CEO Roundtable Chairman for Tanzania, Ali Mufuruki thanked the PDB and was pleased with the progress massed in this regard and is keen to ensure the on-going dialogues culminate in credible solutions in the fight against corruption. However, he is optimistic that partnership and collaborative efforts are paramount in the fight against corruption, and that his organization is keen to align with the PDB’s initiatives in tackling corruption. He further noted that, since the inception of this year, his organization has been discussing issues related with ethical leaderships as a top priority as business leaders are facing many challenges within their organizations due to primarily lack of ethical leadership. He told a press conference that, his organization is keen to implement a programme designed to promote accountability and transparency and efficiency within the public and private sectors in the country for the sustainable advancement of the country’s economy. He further noted that, the organization recognizes the importance of ethical leadership practices for empowerment. He added that, the concept is a priority agenda for the CEOrt. Founded in 2000, the CEOrt is a policy dialogue forum whose main objective is to create a platform through which captains f industry could constructively engage the government with the vision of creating a more conducive environment for businesses to prosper. The forum brings together over 100 organizations doing businesses in Tanzania. The members of the CEOrt and the companies they lead account for more than 40 percent of the tax revenue collected by the government of Tanzania

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