Monday, August 11, 2014

Ukawa promises to win a tag of war against their rivals ‘CCM party’

A staunch member of the Coalition of defenders of People’s constitution (Ukawa) has assured Tanzanians that the group will win a tag of war between them and the ruling CCM party, saying that what the group is fighting for has a great potential to the majority of population in the country. A special seat Member of Parliament Chiku Abwao (Chadema)  in Iringa region gave the assurance on Thursday this week at the country’s designated capital in an exclusive talks on Tuesday last week. She said that, Ukawa will not give up in its ongoing campaign movements aimed to enlighten the general public the irregularities which have emerged in the writing of constitution whose process has been hijacked by the ruling party for their interests. She said that, the group will continue to fight and defend people’s views whose majority opinions were endorsed in the second draft of the national constitution as earlier presented by Constitution Review Commission (CRC) led by Judge Joseph Warioba and are sure to win their rivals the CCM members. However, she has condemned the proceedings of the Constituent Assembly (CA) which currently is composed of the ruling CCM party discussing the draft, and with shamefulness this is a misuse of tax payers’ money which could have diverted into other important social needs. 

A special seat Member of Parliament (Chadema) for Iringa region.

She further noted that, the ruling CCM party officials have manipulated the original draft and omitted and altered some of the provisions just to favour their interests, adding that that is why Ukawa is fighting to restore opinions by the majority Tanzanians as the draft in discussion is not the one which was presented by the CRC. Earlier, the outspoken MP dismissed speculated rumours that she had registered for the CA session currently discussing the constitution and clarified the matter noting that she appeared in CA to pick her car which she had loft in a compound by the time she left for Australia to attend a meeting. “My presence in  the compound should not be described that I went in Parliament to register for CA sessions”, she said adding that, these rumours were speculated by the security men on duty who noticed her presence because she went there at night by the time the CA had already adjourned sessions. When contacted for clarification, the CA clerk Yahaya Hamisi Hamad confirmed in disapproval and noted that, the MP Chiku Abwao was not among the list of the already registered candidates. However, he disclosed to the Guardian names of members of Ukawa who have already registered are only six who have officially registered. These are Letricia Nyerere (Chadema), John Shibuda (Chadema) and Clara Mwaituka (Chadema). Others are Fatma Mohammed (CUF), Jamila Abeid (CUF) and Ally Omar (CUF) and added that, Leticia, Shibuda and Clara from Chadema have never attended sessions except they only signed and left with exception of Shibuda  whom he said had an excuse duty by doctors for illness. Ukawa members who in April walked out of the Constituent Assembly (CA), have resolved never to return back to the CA on account of the fact that, the majority CCM members have hijacked the whole process for their benefits.

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