Monday, August 18, 2014

A book publisher urges CCM and Ukawa members to sign an international accord

As the impasse between CCM party and Members of the group calling itself Coalition of the Defenders of People’s Constitution (Ukawa) seems to be growing, a book publisher has suggested the two warring groups to sign an International accord with a view to save the nation from splitting apart. Jackson Mbogo expressed his concern on Wednesday last week in Dodoma  moment after he had introduced his book at a seminar organized by Tanzania Constitution Forum (TCF). The book is written in Swahili language titled, “Katiba ya Tanzania ni mtoto yatima bungeni” which literally means Tanzania’s constitution process is an orphan in the Constituent Assembly (CA)  TCF had organized a three day seminar for heads of their representatives from the district level with the aim of building their knowledge capacity so as to become aware of the people’s views  endorsed in the new draft of constitution by the disbanded Constitution Review Commission (CRC).  He said that, the two groups have people who follow them behind with different views at this time when the nation is writing its constitution which is a focus for the future life of Tanzanians He said in an exclusive interview that, Tanzania is likely to enter into a political turmoil at this time when the nation has proved failure to reach a consensus just for a very minor issue if mediated by external bodies would clear the existing standoff. In view of this, he suggested the intervention by international reconciliation body for the accord so as to save the nation from being plunged into a political turmoil. He cited an example of what happened in Kenya in 2007 after post general election results, saying that no one expected what could happen after the election until the United Nations intervened and elected former UN Secretary General Kofi Anan who mediated. Elaborating on his 110 paged book with the main themes that focuses the role of the CA in the constitutional draft making process, he said that is consisting mainly of a summary report collected from the old constitution which was written in 1977 with the views of the current draft document. 

Jackson Mbogo,a publisher of the book being interviewed by the media personnel in Dodoma recently.

Mbogo who is a former Secretary General of the Tanzania Railway Workers Union (TRAWU) noted in his book how the current draft has lost popularity in the CA due to few politicians who are trying to hijack the whole process for their own benefits leaving behind basic issues necessary for the majority of Tanzanians. He compared the current draft of constitution and narrated that it has been left alone and moreover in a destitute state just like a family whose parents are dead and left orphaned and so no one is there to uplift the status of their well being. He also noted that, since the start of the constitutional making process, he is surprised as he has never heard of a politician talking about Tanzania and his people, instead scores of them have been driving their views which defend their political parties and leaving behind crucial matters which have interests to the nation. He mentioned such important things which politicians would have time to address in the new constitution are such like the natural resources endowed in the country and the basic rights of the citizens of all walks of life in the country. However, he wondered for most views by politicians will one day dump the nation in dungeon a result of which would put its citizens in great poverty stricken situation and endless problems which would be difficult to get out of it. However, he has suggested that the government should come to an international reconciliation table so as to curb the existing standoff between Ukawa and the ruling CCM party. He is on the view of the issue of a three tier government structure as opposed by CCM party should not be a source of all problems in the constitution making process, and instead politicians should mainly base on people’s views to favour national patriotism. He has however suggested to members of CA to discuss the issue of people’s rights in broader perspectives and endorse it in the new constitution. He cited an example of the constitution of the Australian government which he said has recognized people’s basing on the United Nations conventions.

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