Sunday, July 13, 2014

Tanzania government to construct the central railway line

The government has put in its strategic plans to build a new railway line from Dar es Salaam to Mwanza linking central regions up to Burundi via Isaka, Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda said last week in London.  The premier made a statement at Reading in London UK, when he talked to some Tanzanians living there in a meeting which was held at Crowne Plaza Hotel. He said that, the inauguration of the construction which is expected to be officially opened in December this year, will cost a total of $ 7 billion (Tsh. 11.4 trillion) and last for four years. The Premier, who is currently in a state visit in UK, used a train transportation service of going and return at Reading town from London city noted that, ‘it was his first time to be at Reading town’. However, he has promised in the near future he would conduct such meetings and have some talks with Tanzanians who lives in other towns according to how officials of the Tanzania High Commission in London would arrange for him. The Premier was responding some queries raised by Tanzanians who wanted to know various problems facing the transport sector in the country. “I would like to assure you that, the government has decided to invest in such a big project of the construction of a central railway line. However, he elaborated the the railway line would start from Dar es Salaam to Isaka up to Burundi, and an from Tabora to Kigoma and another extension from Tabora to Mwanza and a small portion which would cover a distance from Kaliua to Mpanda.

Tanzania's Prime Mr. Minister Mizengo Pinda

He elaborated that, the government has decided to construct the railway line at a standard gauge,a situation which would not affect transport by using former railway line. “This time we have decided to construct a new railway line as we are tired of making repair all the time along the former one”, he said and added that, while the construction would be going on, the former one would continue providing services as usual. Other questions which the Premier was asked to clarify were the construction of a long stretch road that links Lindi and Mtwara and the construction of Kagwa hospital, construction of Musoma airport, coordination of off loading at Dar es Salaam Port and the challenges met, the dual citizenships and the problems of teachers in the country. Meanwhile, in April this year, the Minister for Transport Dr. Harrison Mwakyembe made it clear that, Tanzania was in talks with United Kingdom banks to finance the construction of a standard gauge for the Central Railway Line from Dar es Salaam to the western end of the country. The decision by the government is to revamp the line so that it might be in a position to efficiently transport commodities and passengers. Unlike at the moment whereby there has been a breakdown of wagons along the railway line due to dilapidated rails which are worn out and replaced by frequent repair.

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