Monday, October 14, 2013

Police in Dar to beef up security at a family level

POLICE in Kinondoni district, Dar es Salaam region yesterday launched a special security project with a view to ensure that security penetrates further at individual family levels. Speaking during the launch, the Dar es Salaam Special Zone Police Commander, CP Suleiman Kova said that, the move by the police aims to beef up security as from a family level up to regional and national level and already the police has deployed fifteen police officers at Kinondoni ward for the purpose. He said the officers will be working in collaboration with various community policing groups and good citizens in the area in a bid to arrest criminals alongside people suspected to be staying illegally in the country. The launching ceremony went alongside with the handing over of the eleven motorbikes which have been donated by various community policing groups and some companies engaged directly in financing the entire security operations by the police in the area. The motorbikes worth Sh. 22 million have been donated specifically to help the police in their regular operational move including night patrols,  CP Kova confirmed. The donated motorbikes were handed to the Regional Police Commander (RPC) ACP Camillus Wambura for Kinondoni by CP Kova in a five hour ceremony which was also attended by Ilala District Commissioner, Raymond Mushi. In his speech, Commander Kova thanked the groups for their kind donation and called upon the people in the area to give maximum cooperation to reveal mischief in their dwellings. However, he said everyone is concerned with the whole issue of the national security. He said that, the police force in the country has introduced this system of the security at a family level in order to ensure that, the police work more closely to the people in the country. 

Dar es Salaam Special Zone Police Commander, CP Suleiman Kova 

“This is a national program designed to net criminals within our families and is part of the police initiative in order to ensure the big results now” he said adding that, Kinondoni district is a pilot project, later it will spread to other districts and regions in the country. Describing the move by the police, he said that, the Inspector General of Police Said Mwema had initiated some talks with the government officials and suggested to deploy 15 police offices to work as a task force at the ward. These he said will be collaborating with the security committees in the districts and people in their efforts to reveal the suspects within the community. However, he said the police force has determined to penetrate this form of security without any effects that might be caused among the family members. However, he noted that, the government’s intention is to provide security services to everyone and more importantly to get to know those who mistreats members of their families especially house maids and those children who engage in malpractices such as drag taking and other forms of criminal acts including raping. Earlier CP Kova received a procession amounted by the police force and various community policing groups of Kinondoni district led by a police brass band to Biafra open grounds in Kinondoni area where the occasion took place. . The police move has come in sidelines with the continued government’s operation popularly known as Kimbunga  which aims to search people who tend to be disobedient and do not want to comply by the national laws and stick to their illegal stay in the country.

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