Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Police force insists use of CCTV cameras in sensitive business places

Tanzania police force has said that, one way to curb with any possible terrorist attack or theft is to install Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras in places of businesses with a view to monitor people’s movements, a police spokeswoman has said. Senior Superintendent of Police, SSP Advera Senso said in a telephone interview last  week that, such surveillance ICT gadgets are more helpful to intensify security against any suspects despite of their high costs. However, she has called on people and their business enterprises to ensure the installation of such gadgets as there is no way security could be maintained in an area if effective controlling measures are not taken to curb with increased malpractices such as theft or terrorism. She said that, the police force in the country has instituted a program of sensitization and awareness campaign to enlighten people the importance and use of these gadgets as they help monitor movements of the people around. The recorded movable images within a camera in a controlled room if retrieved,  helps to detect the presence of a number of people who happened to be around during the time an incident occurred. The insistence by police on CCTV cameras has come three days after the US government issued a strong warning to Ugandan government to take precautions against any possible terrorist attack by Al-shabab in their country. 

Tanzania's police spokeswoman Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Advera Senso 

 The US government’s advice is to alert Ugandan government in a move to avoid any mishaps which is likely to happen just like what happened last month when Al-Shabab terrorist group attacked a giant Westgate shopping Mall in Kenya. According to SSP Senso, the security situation in the country is good as people have been cooperating closely with the police in their communities and their understanding is good when it comes to security matter.  The police spokeswoman was contacted on Wednesday this week in Dar es Salaam with a view to know how Tanzania police has so far prepared to tackle any possible terrorist attack or mass killings in a congested business area. In response, a police spokeswoman noted that, a joint concerted effort is highly needed through policing community initiatives in order to let the police perform their duties efficiently and to the highly required standards. However, she has urged the people in the country to keep on reporting to the police any suspected attempt of any malpractices or any acts which would lead to the disruption of the prevailing peace and harmony in the country.


Jennifer Frank said...

I can't help but agree with this news. Installing commercial security cameras can help before and during terrorist attacks. You can't just trust anyone nowadays. I just hope that private business owners would cooperate to avoid another tragic hostage taking event.

ADENA christ said...

I heard about this incident when Uganda was on terror of terrorist attack. I agree with your point to install cctv camera installed at home or a work place so that in case of attacks situation can be handled easily by police immediately. In the modern time installing outdoor hidden cameras is a must.

Amy J said...

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