Monday, April 8, 2013

Women emancipation is still facing great challenges, says a DC

IN unpresented move, then District Commissioner for Temeke district, Dar es Salaam region has said that, despite of the continued struggle to free women in the world, emancipation of women in most parts of the world Tanzania included is still facing greater challenge. Sophia Mjema made the call recently in Dar es Salaam during a three hour cocktail party event which was organized by the staff of the Eco-Bank in Tanzania for which she was the guest of honour. The party was prepared to honour women’s day which was celebrated worldwide on that day. In her speech, the DC noted that efforts is still needed from various human rights organizations and activists in order to facilitate the freedom movements of women in the world in all aspects of social and economic ways of their lives. She said that, women are denied many rights including the rights of land ownership which she said have to be allowed and use their title deeds to use them collaterals to get loans from banks, and added that this sense of reality gives an opportunity the knowledge development that would uplift the standards of women’s life. The DC has thanked President Jakaya Kikwete whose government he said has tried with many efforts to integrate women participation in decision making process. However, she has also thanked him for his ambition that aimed at promoting women in his efforts to put the gender balance equality. She has however noted that the solution to all the problems facing women is by participating them in decision making should start from the level of wards, moving to district and regional levels. “Let us reaffirmed our commitments in the right of women in this country so that women would be freed with everything possible” she said noting that, this is a concern of everybody and government organs. The event was held in honour of all women stakeholders at Eco-Bank and then banking sector in the country.

District Commissioner for Temeke Mrs Sophia Mjema

The bank celebrated this yearly event under the theme, “Gaining momentum” as the bank is in the forefront of promoting financial inclusion for women who play a very crucial role in the country’s economic growth. In his part, the Managing Director of the Eco-Babnk Enock Osei Safo said that his bank recognizes the role being played by women in Tanzania’s society. For one this, he attributed the fact that, women still remains the biggest group of food producers who forms the largest group of emerging small and midsized businesses with the highest percent rate of production. He noted that, women’s position is a key in contributing to the provision of education and basic needs. However, he added and gave an example of a popular saying that, “if you educate a woman you educate the society.” The concept has a significance in it as it implies that, it’s women who contributes a lot in the production rather than men whose contribution is lower but least to the development various social activities especially in rural areas. The Eco-Bank’s Human Resources Manager, Mrs Maryam Mgeni resounded the Eco-Bank commitment to promoting women’s position in society through the recognition of their values at the work place as their unique contribution to the country’s growth. However, she said Eco-Bank has benefited from the knowledge, skills and passion of the female’s workforce that covers about 47 percent of the 164 workers. Judging from the management of rte bank, she said that, women have been able to contribute in the phenomenon way to the growth of the bank which started its operations in 2010. Eco-Bank is one of Africa’s leading banks with a distribution of more countries in Africa and is one step bank that provides full range of products and services including investments banking, commercial tirade, business and personal banking. It operates in 33 African countries most of which from south of Sahara desert.

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