Thursday, April 11, 2013

Coca-Cola launches Coke zero brand in Tanzania

COCA-COLA in Tanzania has expanded its offering of the coca-cola range of different brands following the launch of Coke zero brand in Tanzania which took place recently at Kilimanjaro Kempinski hotel in Dar es Salaam. With this newly launched brand, the company now offers regular Coke, Coke light and Coke zero in the Tanzania market as part of its strategy to drive choice and variety to suit different consumer lifestyles and occasional needs. The Managing Director of the Coca-Cola Kwanza company, Basil Gadzios said during the launching ceremony that, the brand gives variety seeking consumers another unique and a great tasting option in addition to Coca-Cola Light. However, he noted that, the brand is sugar free though it has the same taste as the original Coca-Cola. He said that, the launch of Coca-Cola zero continues to maintain his company’s commitment to providing to their consumers with high quality products that fits their taste occasion and lifestyle needs. Describing the suitability of the new product, he noted that the soft drink is sweetened with non-nutritive sweeteners which will be available for sale in countrywide in 500ml plastic bottle at a cost of Sh. 700. According to Basil, the  launch will be supported further by a composite marketing campaign to be carried in the country in which all media channels including digital and sampling with the tagline will be involved. He said adding that, the tagline for Coke zero originated from the cola’s impressive zero sugar qualities.

The Coca-Cola brand Manager for Tanzania, Maurice Njowoka said that the new brand has a very different personality from any of their other brands. He describes the products as being fresh, edgy, bold and youthful offering consumers exciting surprises when it comes to marketing, “We believe that Coca cola zero’s taste and personality will appeal to young people who do not want to compromise on flavor or calories” he said and made another appeal to consumers to celebrate and have an exciting feel of the product during the consumer launch scheduled to take place today at Coco beach in Dar es Salaam. Coke zero, as it is often referred to, was first launched in Atlanta in 2005 and has since then has posted high sales for the last five years straight. Among more than 350 sparkling beverage brands launched since 2001, Coke zero is one of the six to surpass one percent market share, and only one to maintain it. The brand is available in more than 130 countries and continues to experience strong growth both in USA and around the world, making it the best selling addition to the Coca Cola Company’s sprinkling beverage portfolio since diet coke debuted in 1982. By using irreverent, humorous communication, the brand has established a strong connection with young adult males, a previously untapped market for diet soft drinks. Coca-Cola Kwanza Limited deals with manufacturing, distribution and selling of carbonated and other alternative beverages. It is Tanzania’s largest Coca-Cola bottling company with more than 1,000 employees serving twelve regions in the mainland and all regions in Zanzibar. The Company has three manufacturing plants located in Dar es Salaam, Mbeya and Zanzibar. The firm contributes to the welfare and development of the community where it operates by enabling availability of clean water, environmental cleaning and conservation, women empowerment through the Coca-Cola company vision of empowering 5 million women by year 2020 as well as supporting sports in schools.

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