Monday, July 4, 2011

Rainwater harvesting technology

Whenever there is a public exhibition people are normally advised by the government to attend as they might receive an information which was not within their comprehension. Among the activities that impressed the show goers recently during a week long Public Service Management exhibition was when an expert of the rainwater technology enlightened the people on the best use of the rain water harvesting technology and its importance for the modern life. This was at the exhibition pavilion owned by the state agency that deals with water drilling and construction of dams in the country.


JOBY said...

hello you can collect large quantity water in the ground by using HDPE sheet.

Tabatha Tidd said...

This can be a good way in getting more ideas about water harvesting particularly to those who live in rural areas. Also, doing some research about different usage of tanks, sharing any images of people who already used it and conducting an activity on how to prepare rainwater harvesting are also great ways for information dissemination. All in all, this is a great action to help everyone who is in need!

Tabatha Tidd