Monday, July 4, 2011

How the Germans were ruthless to Africans

This photo really caused a negative perception of the people’s mindset an aspect that brought sorrow, horror and may be panic that might have amounted to many show goers after having looked at it. The history tells us that, the Germans hanged many traditional African leaders who resisted them from ruling our country during the colonialization process in Africa in late 19th century. But most of us are just mere readers of these legend stories and quite a substantial number of most readers couldn’t ever believe these facts. The truth was shown during the Public Service Management exhibition when the Tanzania’s National Service camp displayed an original photograph which was taken from German. The photo depicts four German ruthless soldiers standing in front of the dead African soldiers whom they had just hanged and their bodies left to hang over the ropes after having been found guilty of causing a strong resistance to their rule. This incident took place just at the end of the Maji Maji war in 1907. The war reminds us of the strong African resistance to colonial invasion of our land in southern part of Tanzania. It was very sad at the scene indeed as most people who looked at this photo almost cried as they remember the pangs of humiliations their forefathers suffered during colonial times. Probably the photo might have shocked a strong wave to would be relatives of the victims.

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