Saturday, June 12, 2010

The challenges of ICTs in Tanzania

THE advent of Information Communication Technology (ICT), particularly the use of internet has posed a challenge on how to harness it to most developing countries including Tanzania. “The challenge calls for the competitive and well-informed Business community that can compete in the business world of globalization,” said Science and Technology Deputy Minister Dr Maua Daftari while opening a training on fundamental concepts of E-security issues for on line knowledge towards ICT security and the best preventive practices to secure organizations and personal systems from the hackers and bad guys. The six-day training was organized by Offshore Development Centre (ODC) Center LTD in corroboration with the International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants (EC-Council) EC-Council of the United States of America.

Maua Daftari being interview by a local television media

This therefore introduces a number of logistical problems especially in the manner in which the change process is to be managed worldwide and therefore an urgent call for well-trained and competent ICT experts to tackle emerging cyber crimes through e-security. Dr Daftari said as the developed countries celebrate and cash in on the immense opportunities created by the advent of the Internet, the challenge for the third millennium is how to harness the benefits of the information revolution for the world's poorest of the poor. In order for the countries like Tanzania to fully benefit from these new opportunities they must have the requisite skills, tools as well as the relevant infrastructure, whose information can be delivered by partnerships and its competent members like ODC Center LTD and EC-Council of the USA. The world has hitherto, been divided between the rich and the poor. The advent of the new information era has added yet another divide i.e. the digital divide. Unfortunately, for Africa and the rest of the poor world, the Digital Divide is threatening to place nations that fall behind at a permanent and more grievous disadvantage in the new Internet based economy. She said there is great need to thank President Jakaya Kikwete for the efforts in harnessing the expansion of Tanzania Fiber optic inventions.
“Had it not been for their desire and craving for technologies, I don't know what kind of history we would be writing today,” she added. For the case of Tanzania for example, the process is on the initial stages, more technical assistance needs to be extended to cover up the gaps, which may be created in the course of implementing this programme.