Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bulk fuel importation set to start September

Government`s programme of bulk importation of petroleum products is expected to start any time from September, this year. Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA) Director General, Haruna Masebu, revealed this in Dar es Salaam recently when addressing editors. The energy and water utility watchdog said all necessary regulations to support enforcement of laws on bulk oil importation are ready. “We are just waiting for the responsible minister to sign the regulations so that the law for bulk oil importation can be implemented,” said Masebu. EWURA had already communicated with Kurasini Oil Jet (KOJ) to expand the facilities for the storage of oil that would be imported in bulk.

Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority Director General Haruna Masebu briefs editors in Dar es Salaam recently on measures the agency is undertaking to curb with the perpetrators

The authority had given KOJ six months to complete the expansion. Bulk oil importation is one of the government strategies to curb wild fluctuation of fuel prices instigated by dishonest oil dealers. Consumer fuel prices in the country are expected to drop by between 15 and 18 per cent when the new bulk oil procurement and importation system becomes effective. Meanwhile, EWURA yesterday said the newly announced hiked fines against oil traders who would adulterate petroleum products will become operational after being gazetted. However, he said fines have more than doubled. The fine against first time offender has increased from 3million/- to 7million/-. Repeated offenders who previously were fined 5m/- would now pay 25m.Third time offenders would lose their trade licences. Wholesalers who repeat the offence had been previously paid 10 m/- as fine, but now the figure has been increased to 100m/-. A trader who repeats the offence for the third time, would lose the trading licence or forced to pay a fine of 100m/-. The authority has also introduced fines for transporters, with first time offenders paying 7m/- while repeated offenders would pay 15m/-.

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