Wednesday, April 11, 2018

TRA collection has surpasses targets

Since the fifth phase government came into power, it has shown a tremendous development in tax collection and this is because it is so strict tyo ensure that everyone including campaniea pays taxes. This is very good indeed. Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) has collected a total of 11.78tri/- in nine months from July to March of the 2017/18 Fiscal Year compared to 10.86tri/- gained in corresponding period during 2017/18 fiscal year. The collection, according to Taxman’s report released today (Tuesday), is an increase of 8.45 per cent compared to the corresponding period. The data made available to Daily News Digital indicates that December last year, the collection soared by 15.58 per cent to 1.64tri/- compared to only 1.41tri/- in the corresponding period. It further revealed that the month of September was not good for the taxman as its collection went down by 2.37 per cent compared to the same month of 2016/17 FY. But the Taxman improved the collection in the following six months and December was the best month since it managed to collect 1.64tri/-.

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