Monday, March 5, 2018

Teenage pregnancies, problem to the society. What action should be taken?

It has become a normal talk to hear from  various mainstream local medias including the social media platform that, “in a certain region or district there are some young ladies with teenage pregnancies. The situation is so notorious among the young ladies in the country especially the school drop out is growing at an alarming rates in respective areas. Many national leaders have been speaking against the matter with various local and international organizations taking part in various campaigns tlk rescue ladies from teenage pregnancies but the situation does not improve at all. Last week, the Rukwa Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr Joachim Wangabo directed District Commissioners to set in motion a process of tracing, arresting and prosecuting pregnant schoolgirls and their parents within 48 hours. The RC issued the order at a public rally at Legeza Mwendo village in Kalambo District, adding that the move was part of the broader campaign to curb a trend that had assumed critical dimensions. He explained that 325 schoolgirls had dropped out of school due top pregnancy between 2015 and 2017, thirty three of them being in primary schools; and worse, most of them were aged below 14. “All 325 cases of pregnant schoolgirls were reported to police stations and the suspects were prosecuted, but they were released over lack of evidence, principally because the girls and their parents defended their children and the culprits,” he remarked, adding: “Some of the impregnated children were merely fourteen years of age; I don’t want to hear any more stories related to child mothers.  ” The Rukwa Regional Police Commander (RPC), Mr George Kyando, said on the sidelines of the rally that parents were generally bent on protecting the suspects, some of whom were themselves pupils, and others were neighbours

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