Monday, May 22, 2017

RC suggests on reinvestments on dead industries

The Regional Commissioner for Mara region has said that state owned industrial firms that once operated in Mara region– but now stalled – must be given new lease on life.  Dr Charles Mlingwa said on Friday last week that “Mara was home to thriving industries like Mutex and dairy factories they are not operating now they must be made to operate under whatever circumstances in order to boost the regional economy”, he emphasized. The RC was speaking during the region’s 2017 Press Freedom Day hosted by Mara Regional Press Club (MRPC) at Matvilla Beach and attended by key development partners including North Mara Gold Mine which has spent significant resources on the development of local communities in the area. The RC is bullish that Mara Region was geared for bigger things to come: new large factories to produce sugar, cooking oil and cement, among others. Investment into the envisaged sugar factory which starts with the introduction of sugar farming in Tarime District would begin this year, opening up opportunity for establishment of a meat factory later. Currently, the whole region has more than 400 various industries –most of them small industries. He invited more local and foreign investors to turn up and invest in the region. In their reports through the regional press club, Mara journalists assured the RC that they would continue reporting stories that will help to promote investment on industries in the area. Dr Mlingwa congratulated the journalists and also assured them of continued cooperation. Earlier, the Mara Regional Small Industries Development Organization (SIDO) Manager Ms Frida Mungulu cited agriculture as a key area, where livestock products hold immense investment opportunities within the region– and beyond. “Mara has a large number of livestock …let us all promote investment in the livestock sector and it’s also important to showcase stories of the best performing available industries,” she counseled. She also called for serious investment in the region’s tourism sector.

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