Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Egypt’s intends to develop water infrastructural projects in Dodoma

The Arab Republic of Egypt has expressed its intention to cut down and reduce the overwhelming water shortages currently facing the municipal council in the designated Dodoma capital city in central Tanzania. The Egyptian Ambassador accredited in Tanzania Yasser Elshawaf said early this week in Dar es Salaam that, his government is determined to invest in underground water infrastructure.  The call by Egypt government has come amid intensive preparations currently being undertaken by the fifth phase government of migrating main functional government ministries to Dodoma. The fifth phase government has shown seriousness by inviting both local and foreign investors to take part in development of the Dodoma town so as it might acquire the national status of being the country’s capital city since its declaration in 1973. In order to accomplish the need, the Egyptian Ambassador noted that, his embassy office is underway to look for a strategic investor from his country to come and invest in all the areas of the water infrastructures. In addition to that, the embassy is also encouraging investors and businessmen from Egypt to come to Tanzania to explore the available chances for trade and exchange ideas with Tanzanian brothers He also mentioned some other sectors of development that Egypt is interested to coordinate with Tanzania such as in areas of Pharmaceutical and Petro-Chemical industries. Currently Egypt is among the African countries which have helped Tanzania to cater for the water scarcity in some various parts in the country. So far, Egypt has donated about 60 boreholes out of 100 which have already been constructed in Northern Tanzania. According to the Ambassador Elshawaf, the third phase of the project would be fulfilled soon by his government through the ministry of water and irrigation at a range of about $ 6 million. In June 2015, Egypt declared its ambition to return to Africa to join forces with other African blocs in terms of strengthening bilateral business ties to pave the way to create an ambitious free trade area among the three African blocs like the EAC, COMESA and the SADC with the rest of African countries. Three weeks ago, Egypt reiterated her call again of returning to Africa so as to maintain closer economic cooperation with African countries. Addressing senior media managers from various African countries at the Presidential Palace, President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi described serious cooperation with African countries as the cornerstone of his country’s Foreign Policy. “I said it in my inaugural speech, I have said it again and again and I am saying it now that we are returning to our African sisters and brothers to join hands in building our African countries,” said the president, citing the establishment of Egyptian Agency of Partnership for Development (EAPD) as an effective move towards cemented cooperation with other African nations. He said the African continent is endowed with vast natural resources, which needed collective efforts to develop and exploit for the benefit of all Africans.  Egypt’s Foreign Policy had for a long time been firmly turned eastwards due to its closeness, geographically and culturally, to the Middle-East. The country is a transcontinental state, spanning the northeast corner of Africa and southwest corner of Asia by a land bridge formed by the Sinai Peninsula. President Sisi said for the past two years his country had embraced ambitious programme for economic development, setting the 2030 target for comprehensive development.

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