Saturday, February 4, 2017

Govt introduces a mandatory course to its servants

Senior public service officers will soon start attending a mandatory course for reminding them of their duties, this was said in parliament on Thursday this week. The course is set to be introduced by the government through the Public Service College. Minister of State in the President's Office-Public Service Management and Good Governance, Angela Kairuki said that the aim of the training was to build capacity for senior public officers, adding that there would be no promotion before taking the course. “We will also introduce an assessment centre for all the managerial positions and leaders understanding will be tested before any promotion to a higher position” she said. The minister was responding to a question by Vwawa MP, Japhet Hasunga (CCM) who wanted to know the government’s plan to train leaders as most of them got positions before undertaking a leadership course. “What are the strategies to ensure all leaders get leadership training before appointment to new positions in the public service?” he asked. But the minister specified that there were several institutions that offered trainings, adding that the government would continue providing leadership development programmes to senior leaders. She said such trainings were always offered by different agencies through TaGLA, Mzumbe University and ESAMI whereby in the 2015/16 1, 397 leaders received training. The minister also noted that through the ministry of Defense, the government initiated the National Defense College of Tanzania which provided inter-service training to military and non-military leaders. However, she added that the government would continue with the in-service training programmes for various public officers once they have been identified for promotions.

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