Thursday, October 20, 2016

Tanzania ranks the fifth for uranium production in Africa

TANZANIA is expected to be among the top five producers of uranium in Africa after the completion of Mkuju River Uranium Project, which is in the final stage of trial, the Uranium One Chief Operation officer, Mr Andrey Shotov said on Wednesday this week. He told journalists that in the coming two years they will start mining activities, the project expected to boost the country's economy. “We are finalizing the Mkuju River project, we are looking forward to start trial as in the coming two years,” he said. According to Mr Shotov, the project started seven years ago and that it has reached to the implementation stage after various research studies were conducted. He said the project is expected to provide employment to various Tanzanians and promote various economic activities across the country. “Mkuju River Project in Tanzania is among the world’s most promising uranium projects. The project is currently maintained in the active status as research work and preparatory operations are under way,” he said. MANTRA Tanzania Mnaging Director Mr Frederick Kibodya said that Mkuju River Project would be the first uranium mine in the country. He said since establishment of the project, over 200m/- US dollar have already been used in exploration, constructing infrastructure and supporting local communities. “The projects will increase national income and employment to many Tanzanian. Tanzania will be the leader in mining technologies,” he said. He said upon the completion Mkuju River Project would employ 1,600 people.

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