Monday, June 20, 2016

Shein commends Maghufuli’s efforts

ZANZIBAR President Dr Ali Mohamed Shein has commended Dr John Pombe Magufuli for his ongoing efforts in promoting Tanzania’s good reputation including strengthening the economy and diplomacy abroad, resulting in a robust growth of the economy. “We are all happy with what President Magufuli has been doing for Tanzanians including strengthening foreign relations,” Dr Shein said in Zanzibar when he met the Minister of International and Regional Affairs, Ambassador Augustine Mahiga, who paid a courtesy call on Dr Shein at the State House in Zanzibar last week. Dr Shein said that widening Tanzanian representation abroad through plans to open more embassies remained a good idea to promote the country’s interest. “The opening of Tanzania embassy in Kuwait and the planned new embassy in Qatar has been welcomed by many because both countries in the Middle have close relations with our country,” said Dr Shein, according to the press statement from the State House. He said both Kuwait and Qatar have experience in Oil and gas development, we learn from them as our countries head to exploration of the natural resources. Dr Shein commended Mr Mahiga for being elected to head the foreign ministry, saying his experience in international affairs will help both Tanzania and Zanzibar strengthen cooperation abroad. In response, Ambassador Mahiga said he was ready to serve Tanzanians and ensure that his country (United Republic of Tanzania) won more friends abroad for economical, social and political development.

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