Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Govt all out to swab up illicit drugs, poaching activities

The Tanzania government has reiterated its zero tolerance on illicit drugs and wildlife poaching stressing that it was committed to see that such trade is wiped out and the government emerges a winner in this war. Speaking recently at the handing over ceremony in which four canine detection dogs and their handles demonstrated how the dogs were functional under the supervision of their handlers (4) who are police officials, the Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Prof Jumanne Maghembe said that the government has embarked on multiple approaches to combat the illegal business through all its ports, borders and game parks. “We highly appreciate the US government cooperation extended to Tanzania in supporting the canine project in an effort to protect the wildlife which is highly endangered through poaching,” he said. “These efforts will make it possible to allow the growth of the wildlife again through deployment of the canine trained to detect both ivory and illicit drugs,” stressed the minister. 

Prof Jumanne Maghembe

Meanwhile the Deputy Minister for Home Affairs, Mr Hamad Masauni has said that the police force has the capacity to detect drug trafficking and wildlife poaching. “As we all know the effects of drugs and wildlife poaching is beyond catastrophe,” he emphasized. He also thanked the US government for its continued support to the country in its crusade on illicit drugs and wildlife poaching. In another development the Charge ‘D’ Affairs of the US Embassy, Ms Virginia Blaser described the handing over of the canine detection as an achievement that is truly the first of its kind. “Ambassador Childress is in the United States on official travel, but I have spoken with him this morning and I can assure you he’s with us in spirit,” she said. She said that it is now one year since the Commissioner Kerlikowske from U.S. Customs and Border Patrol announced its intention to assist the Tanzanian Government in the development of this canine detection programme that would detect illegal shipments of ivory and drugs.

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