Friday, November 27, 2015

UN stands for albino rights

TANZANIA has applauded a move by the United Nations through a three state committee for unanimously passing a declaration to issue reports on people living with albinism. The declaration is a result of Tanzania submitting a proposal alongside Malawi to the United Nations (UN), calling for joint efforts with other member States in advocating rights for people with albinism. The proposal was submitted to the UN through the human rights and traditional values of humankind committee by the two countries’ permanent representatives. “The declaration seeks to mobilise other member countries and the international community at large to join efforts in advocating rights of people with albinism,” the Permanent Representative of Tanzania to the United Nations, Ambassador Tuvako Manongi said. The document has been circulated to country members urging them to join the efforts in ensuring the safety and security of people with albinism. The two countries want challenges of employment, health and education which are among the areas people living with albinism do not have equal rights, to be addressed. Through the proposal, Tanzania and Malawi seek to team up with the international community in ensuring that policies, laws and plans for people with albinism are being adhered to as well as empowering them economically. They also call upon the United Nations Secretary General, to issue a report on the status of albinos, their challenges and actions for ensuring their safety. Ambassador Manongi told the committee members that people with albinism have many challenges coupled with education, health and economy and that their health is a mayor hurdle as they are susceptible to skin cancer. “We would like to thank everyone who took part in the preparation and contribution of the declaration and for joining hands with us. We have no doubts that the UN Secretary General will give the status report as is stated in the declaration,” the Ambassador said. As is stipulated in the declaration, the UN Secretary General is supposed to give a status report of people living with albinism in the 72 General Assembly. Due to increases in the challenges surrounding people with albinism in recent years, the international community has put more weight on issues surrounding this disabled group.

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