Monday, November 10, 2014

UDSM graduates asked to have self confidence

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) Professor Rwekaza Mukandala has cautioned the newly grandaunts of the university to use their knowledge which they have acquired in order to lead better life for their future. Professor Mukandala gave a concern last week in Dar es Salaam during the 44th graduation ceremony for the university whereby a total of 953 grandaunts attained their certificate degrees for Masters, Postgraduate and PhDs. This is the first batch of the grandaunts which also included certificate degrees takers from te Engineering College and Technology, and the certificate degree takers from Natuural Science College and the College of Information and Communication Technology. 

A cross section of the UDSM graduands listening to the University Chancellor Professor Mukandala

The second graduation ceremony will be held next week on 15th and will involve the second batch of the first degree takers from all school and collages affiliated with the UDSM including the Institute of Journalism and Mass Communication. Addressing the grandaunts, Prof, Mukandala stressed the need of having self confidence an element which he said is the only pillar that would enable them to acquire basic necessities at this time when employment has become a great challenge not only in Tanzania but also at a global level. He said that, lack of employment for the youth in the country for females is estimated to have the gap of 14.3 percent while for males covers approximately 12.3 in urban centres in the country. However, he noted that, in urban centrers is where the situation is seen to be worse compared to rural areas whereby lack of employment is estimated to be less than 7.1 percent of the opportunities available. He said, the university education prepares a person to become an entrepreneur and in view of this, grandaunts should have a creative mind which would enable them open the opportunity to learn and acquire knowledge for their development.

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