Monday, April 28, 2014

Critics elaborates the importance of having one tier government system

As the 50th Anniversary celebrations for the union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar is climaxed today, some critics in the country have outlined the importance of having one tier government structure as opposed to other people’s perception that drives the motion into two or three government systems. Interviewed critics have also suggested methods to be used in order to successfully run the union under one tier government system. The plea by critics has come at an opportune time when there is a hot debate currently going on at the Constituent Assembly in Dodoma  on what type of the government structure should be adopted to run the union matters.   Speaking in an exclusive interview on Wednesday this week in Dar es Salaam, some have suggested that by adopting a one tier government structure although it was not proposed in the second draft of the national constitution is the real meaning of the union that brought about the government of the United Republic of Tanzania. Elaborating in this, the Managing Director of the Guardian Limited, Kiondo Mshana said, “this is the system which was left by union founders the late Julius Nyerere (Tanganyika) and Sheik Abeid Aman Karume (Zanzibar). 

Managing Director of the Guardian Limited, Kiondo Mshana  

 Narrating the historical background of the union between the two countries, he said that, this was illustrated by mixing up samples of soils scooped from both countries as a signal that these are one country regardless of their territorial integrity. Elaborating further about the government system administratively, he said that in order to satisfy the demand of both sides of the government there should be a system of rule whereby if the President comes from one side, Vice-President from the other side and vice versa. He suggested that, there should be one national anthem as well as one national flag, one National Parliament and its elected Speakers should ordain powers alternately. However, he also noted that, even in the ministerial positions, they should be appointed alternately by giving equal chances to both sides. However, Mshana clarified by giving an example to the late Karume who after the union was made, had agreed to take over the position of the Vice-Presidency of the already formed union government. He disregarded even those who are touting for two tier governments as well as to those who supports three tier government structures that are moving at a wrong track, urging them to maintain the status of one government structure. Citing on other social and economic challenges affecting the current union government, he noted that, in most cases, Zanzibar has been mostly been favoured in terms of various social services such as the establishments of higher learning institutions. He says, there are as many higher institutions established in Unguja Island compared to Pemba which has none, this is not fair he queried basing on the reality of equality and distribution of such educational services. However, he noted that, both islands should be treated as one with fair distribution of all basic human services.

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