Monday, November 18, 2013

CCM cadre flouts the government over brutal killings

THE ruling party Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) has strongly condemned the government over its failure to curb with the increased brutal killings of the innocent people which are occasionally taking place in the country. The call was made on Saturday last week in Dar es Salaam by Deputy CCM Secretary General (Tanzania Mainland), Mwigulu Mchemba during the funeral ceremony whereby thousands of Dar es Salaam residents turned up to pay their last respect to the late Dr. Sengondo Mvungi (61) which took place at Karemjee grounds in the city. Dr.Mvungi died early this week at Milpark Hospital in South Africa where he was admitted after sustaining a head injuries from an attack at his home in Kibamba about 18 kilometers away from the city of Dar es Salaam on 2nd November 2013. He said that the government should fight against such killings and take effective measures as a means to control the vice and added that, if effective measures are not taken immediately, people will lose faith with their government which has been in the forefront to make sure that peace and stability prevails in the country. Mchemba who is a member of parliament for Iramba East was delivering a condolence message to the mourners on behalf of the CCM Secretary General. The occasion which was aired live by Independent Television (ITV) station, was preceded by a requiem mass and attended by highly ranking government officials who were led by Vice President Dr. Mohamed Gharib Bilal. Others in attendance were Primer Mizengo Pinda and Former President Benjamini William Mkapa. Also among the few dignitaries were former OAU Secretary General, Dr. Salim Ahamed Salim, retired Prime Ministers Joseph Warioba, Cleopa Msuya and Fredrick Sumaye. Other attendees were a famous businessmen and IPP Chairman Dr. Reginald Mengi and leaders of the opposition parties. A requiem mass was conducted by Father Amosi Nyoni who in his message noted three important things as related with the lives of human beings in the earth and said that, “death is a direct way to heaven for which everybody is responsible as this is the only way a person can meet the Almighty God in heaven. He also noted that people should not forget their responsibilities while living because death is ahead of them, in view of this he has argued the people to get ready with the journey to heaven. However, he quoted a word of God in Bible (John 17:4) which says that before Jesus Christ died He bid a farewell to his followers that he has accomplished his mission.
Former Tanzania's Prime Minister Joseph Sinde Warioba speaking during the last paying respect ceremony of the departed fellow member of the Constitution Review Commission Dr. Sengondo Mvungi in Dar es Salaam last Saturday.

So, with these words Father Nyoni asked the mourners to get ready as death will come upon them at any time without their knowledge and therefore they shouldn’t do things in half way instead they should keep on praying for the lord God. He has therefore, asked the people to love one another and shouldn’t have hatred among them. On his part, the Vice President relayed the government’s message on behalf of President Dr. Jakaya Kikwete who is currently attending a commonwealth meeting in Sri Lanka and said that, “The president was deeply grieved upon hearing the death of Dr.Mvungi whom he appointed to be a member of Constitutional Review Commission (CRC). In his message Kikwete noted that Tanzania has lost a highly imminent person who is experienced in legal affairs, good governance and human rights especially at this time when the country is in the process of amending its constitution. He has also asked the people in the country to be calm at this pensive mood when the security forces are investigating the matter as related to the attack of the late Dr. Mvungi which has resulted his untimely death. Speaking on behalf of CRC members, Judge Warioba assured mourners that the directives which had been issued by the late Dr.Mvungi to his commission will be followed at this time when the country is undergoing a process of getting a new constitution adding that the constitutional process should be conducted in peaceful way.  He described the late Dr. Mvungi for being not only a father of his family but also a friend and a teacher of this nation when it comes to legal matters. However, he has noted that various publications which the late Dr. Mvungi complied should be used as references as they are the most relevant materials which are educative in legal industry in the country. The Chairman of the NCCR Mageuzi, James Mbatia quered on the continued brutal killings of the famous academicians in the country. He recalled two passed happenings of the same brutal killings which happened in different time. He said that in 2002, Dr. Eliuther Kapinga was killed in a mysterious condition in a grisly incident which happened in Dar es Salaam and had left many peace lovers mouth opened. He further said that in 2010, a similar incident occurred to professor Juan Mwaikusa who was killed leaving many questions which have never got answers. The chairman of the Civil United Front (CUF) Prof. Ibrahim Lipumba described the late Mvungi as a role model especially when it comes to violation of human rights which he was fighting against, and also in areas of constitution making process. Therefore, an economic Professor has asked those who will be engaged in the constitutional making process to emulate his foot-steps into attaining a comprehensive constitution which would help a common man in Tanzanian society.

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