Saturday, June 11, 2011

Poverty stricken situation in Tanzania denies the basic rights of citizens.

Information is power and newspapers have become expensive commodities that is rarely affordable by most citizens in Tanzania. A daily newspaper sells at between Tshs. 500/- and Tshs. 700/- this is almost a half of a daily earning per person according to the statistics made available by the National Economic Statistics Bureau. The firm’s shows that, due to the prevailing poverty stricken situation in the country, most people still depend on 1 USD, an aspect that most citizens are not able to buy newspapers and instead relies on reading news stories which have been given the precedence on the front pages to quench their thirst. The photo above shows a group of people peeping their eyes through such news at a newspaper vending area whose owner has decided to hang them up for fear of being damaged by crook readers who never buys them.

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raghav jain said...

hey emmanuel,
i am very shocked to read about this miserable situation there. I am from India and a member of the Rotaract Club of N.M. College. I would like to draw a helping hand towards the people living in your area by donating various items. please revert back if you could help us in making a few peoples' lives, better.