Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kisarawe district spends over Tshs. 2 billion on development projects

Kisarawe district has spent over 2bn/- on various development projects until the end of March, this year, it has been learnt. District planning officer Mustapha Sabuni said recently that the projects were financed through funds amounting to 3.1bn/- approved by the district council in the 2010/11 financial year. He explained that the projects included primary and secondary education, healthcare, water, agriculture, livestock and cooperatives, a natural resources office building and an administration block. Sabuni said over 3bn/- was received by the end of the third quarter of the financial year 2010/11. A total of 13.3bn/- was approved to be spent by the district council during the financial year 2010/11. The district planning officer said 7,478,915,173/- was spent on salaries and 2,995,026,500/- on development projects. He said the district council internal revenue was 854,480,000/-. He explained that the district council received 5,367,736,926/20 (40 per cent of the annual estimated amount until March) this year. “The money includes 3,706,103,631/16 for salaries, 1,233,579,014/65 for development projects and 344,404,000/- for other charges,” he noted. He said the projects implemented in the 2010/11 year included construction of 10 houses for district council workers, construction of the Natural Resources office building and the construction of the district executive director's office building, OPD building at Chole health centre, a 105.3-km road and construction of eight classrooms at three secondary schools in the district. The district council has in 2011/12 a budget of 14,650,169,700/- from various sources including the government, donors and internal district sources.

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