Saturday, February 5, 2011

CUF gives up on inclusion in House opposition camp

The Civic United Front (CUF) has said it will not continue persuading Chadema leaders to form a strong opposition camp in the National Assembly by involving all opposition parties because it has done so several times without positive response. According to the CUF Mainland acting deputy secretary general John Mtatiro said last year CUF had asked Chadema to cooperate with other opposition parties, including CUF, NCCR-Mageuzi, Tanzania Labour Party (TLP) and the United Development Party (UDP) to form strong opposition camp in parliament, but Chadema had refused, allegedly only ready to cooperate with CUF. “We can’t kiss Chadema leaders’ feet. We have gone all the way to convince them to cooperate with other political parties, but our efforts have not been successful,” said Mtatiro. He said CUF was disappointed by a statement released by Chadema, saying it was intended to confuse the people into believing that the formation of a unity government in Zanzibar reached between CUF and CCM was anathema, hence they should not support CUF on the Mainland. He said Chadema was doing so intentionally to confuse the people because it believes that if CUF perished on the Tanzania Mainland it would be a relief for them.

Tanzania's most beatiful parliament house which is in Dodoma a designated capital city.

On Monday Chadema said it had no plans to team up with CUF in forming a parliamentary opposition camp, according to secretary general Dr. Wilbroad Slaa. He said since CUF had already formed a unity government with CCM in Zanzibar, working with it would not strengthen the opposition in parliament but rather weaken it. “CUF will be working to please their Zanzibar counterparts in the government of national unity. Our party national executive committee (NEC) met in the city at the weekend and agreed that the party should not include CUF in the camp because it is a partner with CCM in Zanzibar,” Slaa said.


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