Saturday, January 15, 2011

14 Manufacturing companies awarded ‘tbs’ certified mark

However, he also urged them to keep their licenses as TBS organization would not tolerate and delay to punish those who would be found going against the standards set. The 14 manufacturing companies who received ‘tbs’ licenses with their products in brackets were, Al-Bakeryn ltd of Tanga (White bread), City motors (T) Ltd of Dar es Salaam (two wheeled motor-cycle), Alphakrust Ltd (frozen lobster & octopus) and Euro-cables ltd of Dar es Salaam (Armoured power cable). Others are Multi-cable ltd of Dar es Salaam (Aluminium PVC insulated conductors and armoured power cable respectively), NGS Investment of Bariadi (cotton seed oil), Nyota tatu nguvu moja ltd of Moshi (Rosella based alcoholic drinks) and Print Care Ltd of Moshi (Plastic carrier bags). Others were, Sayona Steel ltd of Mwanza (reinforcement steel bars), West Kilimanjaro dairy product of Moshi (Gouda cheese) and Bautech company of Dar es Salaam (Manufacturing PVC & aluminium) and Masasi signs (Retro-reflective number plates). In another development, Mr. Ekelege has urged local consumers of Tanzanian products to have a tendency of buying Tanzanian goods especially those with ‘tbs’ license mark. By doing this is to defend local market which has been invaded by sub-standard products. “Consumers who cares for the products that fits for human consumption, always go for products bearing standard marks” he said and added that, this is a symbol of quality that is only issued by his organization.

A representative from Multi-cable company who is also the Director General delivering a c9ongratrulatory speech before the audience

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